"Beverly’s husband Dayton (playful Charles Browning) spends his time thrusting his hips, seducing his wife, and half-listening to her endearing threats. It’s a hallmark of Black families to talk so much shit and laugh."

-Theatrius by Tyler Jeffreys


"Her husband Dayton (Charles Browning) appears next. He teases and flirts with his wife, encouraging her to relax. Dayton also helps out by tidying up and carrying food and party supplies in and out of the kitchen. Browning delivers his lines fast, the way that actors do on sitcoms, as if he can hear a laugh track cued up to punctuate his jokes."

-SF Weekly by Jeffrey Edalatpour


"Although she is cajoled by her playful husband Dayton (fine Charles Browning), the early arrival of her critical, sassy sister..."

-Berkeley Side by Emily S. Mendel


"The superb company includes Natalie Venetia Belcon and Charles Browning as parental units Beverly and Dayton... Each of them is outstanding in executing the balancing of realism and insanity the script demands."

-Broadway World(BWW) by Robert Sokol

In steps in her husband Dayton (slick and strong Charles Browning), whose function is to disrupt Beverly as she gets things ready. Some heavy flirting is in order, but right now, Beverly isn’t having any of it. 

-BayAreaPlays by David Jhn Chavez

​"The cast, for the most part, is fine, with Charles Browning stealing every scene he's in as either Jeb Bush or Colin Powell (here depicted as a glorified office boy). Colin Stokes is nicely naive as W, and plays the innocent well, if not remarkably. Michael Gladis, who works magic in Dog Sees God, fails to ignite the same sparks here as a demonic Dick Cheney. Thursday Farrar seems a little lost on her choreography, but sings very well and delivers her lines with flawless timing as Condoleezza "Candy" Rice."

Charles Browning's David is duly ferocious and self-involved,

-David Barbour LightingAndSoundAmerica THE CAPABLES


Dale Soules is very good as Anna Capable, the matriarch, who has turned her house into a cluttered mess, and George Hoffmann and Greg Kozatek have created a set that itself is almost worth the price of admission. 
-Neil Genzlinger NY Times THE CAPABLES


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